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"l am very impressed with your layout of the paper, the well-done graphic ads and the total look. It is very easy to read, the print is clear, the categories are well defined and organized and the articles / community information very well written. Congrats to you and your staff for a job well done!"  Patricia L.

"We have purchesed several items through your paper over the past several months. We read it online every week but now that our computer is down, we pick up a copy at our local store. There are always lots of great values in Wise Buys and we also have used several of the merchants that advertise with you as well. We absolutely love Wise Buys!" Gary B.

"We read it (Wise Buys) weekly and have been fortunate to find a lot of excellent buys and have garnered some imortant information."  Wanda D.

"You guys have sold all sorts of items for us. You are a valuable resource to the community!" Sue & Jim G.

"Enjoy Reading Wise Buys very much! – Well organized."      Bud and Linda B.

“You guys have made all the difference in the world! I couldn't be happier with the results of my advertising with you!”  Joe H.

"Waaay 'mo Better! - You guys put out the best paper around! We enjoy reading it every week!"  Shawn B.

"I was in McDonald's the other morning and I overheard a woman say 'This paper (Wise Buys) is so much better than this one (guess the name)'... I agree!" Shirley G.

"Thanks! The ad looks awesome! Great job!" Scott A.

"Thanks for a wonderful publication...I usually don't even pick up the other weekly now, since Wise Buys is so much easier to read."  Wendy R.

"You guys are the best... Very professional!"  Linda R.

"I think it's great to have sold so many items using your publication! Thanks again!!"  Dianne C.

"Brad & Cheryl are very professional in all their business dealings. They go over and above to help their clients - they are also very creative."  Ruth H.

"I always get great results using your paer. Thank you!"  Ellen T.

"We sold our tractor through your paper. We are so very, very pleased with your paper and we can’t thank you enough!"  Marjorie M.

"We love your paper! What a great asset to the community your are! We will be using your services often, both buying and selling."  Geri C.

"I really like your paper and I think you do a heck of a job!"  Jim W.

"We love your work, you are always helping us with creating just the right ad to get attention. You take the time no one else would. With your creativity adl flair we won't go to anyone else for our business cards and will continue to use Wise Buys for advertising. Thank you so much!" Cathy K.

"Thank your for such a great publication - you're an asset to La Pine!!!"  Gary C.

"I've lived in Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, California, Oregon and Washington and this is the best paper of it's kind that I have ever seen!  I get calls from all over and believe me it's not just from within your circle on your map!  You guys are doing one heck of a job! Thanks! Francis T.

"Thank you for the free classified. I had more calls from Wise Buys readers than Craigslist."  Shelly S.

"I was extremely happy with the response for the items I placed in your publication and will use Wise Buys again in the future."  Tim S.

"We have sold lots of stuff through Wise Buys. We have tried others as well but Wise Buys is the only one we have had such a great success with! Thank you very much!"  Kenn L.

"Wise Buys is consistently bringing in more business than any other form of advertising we do – and we advertise all over the state!  The response has been incredible!"        Robert S.

"Thank you and your staff for being the best paper ever in La Pine and Bend as far as I'm concerned!"  Melanie H.

"Your paper is so much easier to read. You guys are doing a great job!"  Dave S.

"Thanks!  Best little paper around!"  Teri G.